5 Reasons Why You Should Lodge Your Return with Etax Plus Tax Agents

Tax season 2017 is nearly upon us, and with it comes all the attendant hassles. Instead of pulling out a bottle of aspirin to face the headaches, pull out your smartphone. Call Etax Plus and talk to our registered tax agents and skip the worries. Need more reasons to make that call? Here they are:


1. Our Registered Tax Agents Are Government Approved


As the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) points out, registered tax agents have proven that they’re responsible by showing that they have:


  • Met the Tax Practitioners’ Board (TPB) required qualifications and standards

  • Kept up with tax law changes and government standards throughout the years

  • Experience with lodging tax returns and other accounting procedures

  • Complied with the Australian government’s Code of Professional Conduct


These strict standards assure you that your returns will be lodged according to the letter of the law. Consumers can breathe easy, knowing that their tax returns will be in good hands.


2. We Can Help You File Late Returns


Even if you procrastinated and think you’ll miss the deadline, take solace in the fact that you can find a qualified accountant who’s also a tax agent to help you over the hump. Our registered tax agents can take advantage of the government’s special lodgement program to lodge late returns for our clients. To take advantage of this program, though, you must contact us  before 31 October.


3. We Can File Your Prior Years’ Tax Returns


So you missed a year or two. Every day brings more worries about heavy penalties. Worry no more. What you might not know is that our registered tax agents can help you prepare these late returns to help you avoid huge hits with penalties. The sooner you move, though, the better chance you have of avoiding more penalties. If you haven’t filed a prior year’s taxes, don’t hesitate. We provide reliable and fast service, and you can eliminate one more worry off your list.


4. We Can Help You Discover Hidden Write-Offs


If you’re like most Australians, you’re great at what you do. But that means you don’t have time to sift through mountains of tax laws looking for write-offs for business expenses. Our CPA accountant team whose members are registered tax agents, though, knows those laws inside and out. They can look over your yearly expenses and discover ways you can use those newly acquired assets to reduce your taxable income.


5. Our Registered Tax Agents Can Help You Better Organise Your Files


One of the biggest hassles for most taxpayers is knowing how to organise their files so it’s easier to find the ones they need come tax time. When you hire our accountants, who are also registered tax agents, she or he can help you organise your files so you can have them all at your fingertips when the tax season rolls around next year. Save time and eliminate the frustration. 


Find the Best Tax Agent for Tax Time 2017


To find the right accountant, you need to first check to see if your prospective agent is registered with the TPB. Next, check to see if they have online services. You don’t want to have to drive down to the office every time you need to adjust your records. Finally, look for a tax agent with wide-ranging expertise in both business and personal taxation. Don’t waste your time and money with someone who’s still learning the business.


If you live in the Sydney area, you can’t go wrong with Etax Plus. With nine years of experience in both business and personal tax lodgings, this Parramatta-based firm has tackled some of the area’s most complicated cases to become the number one tax firm in Sydney. Do yourself a favour. Cross “worry about taxes” off your to-do list and contact the tax experts at Etax Plus today.