Australian Company Number (ACN)

Australian Company Number (ACN) is a unique nine-digit number, issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), for companies operating in Australia.


ACN must be shown on the following company documents:


  • Accounting documents, such as invoices
  • any documents lodged with ASIC
  • receipts, if they’re not the machine generated
  • Orders for goods and services
  • Business letterheads
  • Official company notices
  • Cheque, or any other legal payment documents
  • Written ads offering a specific goods or services


Note: ACN must be clear, easily readable, and obvious and be located on the first page of all the documents besides the company name.



However, ACN is not presented on:


  • packaging and labelling, including envelopes and transport documents
  • advertisements without a specific offer (such as promotional advertisements)
  • credit cards and credit card vouchers
  • machine-generated receipts, including cash-register receipts
  • business cards and ‘with compliments’ slips, and
  • items which are not documents (e.g, vehicles, television advertisements)


Inter-relation of ACNs and ABNs


If you have ABN, it can replace your ACN on the company documents if the ABN includes all your ACN digits and also ABN is presented wherever your ACN was located.


 ABN/ACN Lookup Tool:

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