Avoid common errors when completing your activity statement

Errors sometimes occur when you fill out your activity statement. To complete your activity statement correctly and ensure any refund due is processed quickly, remember to:

  • Check that your purchases and sales are reported in the correct tax period
    • If you report on a non-cash basis, you account for the GST payable on the sales you make in the tax period in which you issue a tax invoice or receive full or part payment (including deposits), whichever happens first
  • Reconcile the figures on your activity statements with your accounting records prepared for your income tax return
  • Report all of your relevant transactions at the appropriate label on your activity statement.
  • Lodge your activity statement even if you have nothing to report, you can contact Etax Plus on 1300 221 125 to lodge a nil return
  • Leave boxes blank if they do not apply to you, but if a box does apply and you have nothing to report use a zero
  • Check that you are using the correct accounting method
    • If you are in the café and restaurant industry, the simplified accounting methods may not be appropriate.
  • Only complete the boxes that are relevant to you
    • If you report quarterly, you must only complete the boxes for the option you have selected.
  • If you are paying your GST by instalments and want to vary your instalment amount provide your estimated net GST for the year and the varied amount payable for the quarter and show the correct reason code for varying your instalments. Please contact Etax Plus for further information.
  • Review your activity statement before lodging and check the amount calculated equals what you expect to pay or receive.