Family Tax Benefit (FBT)

Australian families with below 20-years-old dependent child or the student studying secondary in full time basis receive certain tax benefits and payments provided that: the dependent member is not paid any sort of government pension, the guardians take care of him/her not less than 35% of the times, and the income test is passes.


Family Tax Benefit (FBT) payment has two main parts:


  1. FBT Part A

  2. FBT Part B


Income Test must be passed for each part of FBT and can be found on FBT Part A Income Test and FBT Part B Income Test.


FBT Part A:


Families with dependent children aging up to 19 years old are entitled to receive FBT supplement for each child. However, if the dependent child is 16-19 years old, enrollment in the comparable or equivalent year 12 approved course in a full time mode with reasonable study load, or exemption from such studies is a must.


Note 1: Home tuition and training is not acceptable and does not meet the criteria of either exemption or enrollment.


Note 2: Single parents are solely entitled to basic payments unless they go through the pre-defined procedures and submit the documents to Department of Human Services.


Other Requirements:


Families will receive the FBT Part A payment if they reassure that their dependent children or student has been immunized through early childhood vaccination with detailed schedule or are exempted from medical checkup measures.


Till When FBT Part A Is Paid?


FBT Part A is paid until the end of the year in which the dependent student turns into 19 years old.


Newborn Payments:


As one element of FBT Part A payments, families with newly born or adopted children are entitled to receive an upfront and supplement payment for maximum three months, called Newborn Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement.


FBT Part B:


Part B of FBT is the extra contribution received by carers who are defined to be eligible to take care of the dependent child below 16 years old or dependent student below 18 years old (Note 1 above also applies here).


Therefore, single parents, grand/greatgrand parents,and the parents with one partner spending his/her full time on breeding and nurturing the child are entitled to receive FBT Part B.


FBT Part B Exemption:


Receiving Paid Parental Leave (PPL) limits FBT Part B entitlement. However, FBT Part B can be claimed after completion of PPL period.


To figure out the exact FBT amounts, go to FBT Part A and FBT Part B.