How to protect your business

Identity thieves can take your business details by:

• Breaking into your business and stealing your records
• Taking a photo of your business or employee details
• Stealing your passwords, account logins and AUSkey
• Obtaining access to your data through legitimate means (eg as an employee).

Know what to protect
Identity thieves may target your:
• AUSkey
Business activity statement
• Employee (or employees’) personal information
• Business records containing personal or business information.

Secure your business premises
It only takes a few moments for thieves to photograph or steal information at your place of work. You can help keep your business, customer, and employee information safe by:
• Installing physical barriers such as locked doors and windows
• Ensuring you have appropriate alarm systems in place
• Filing documents with personal and business information in lockable storage units.

Secure your systems
To protect yourself and your business from identity thieves we recommend:
• Securing your business files and employee information when they are not in use
• Changing all passwords on a regular basis
• Ensuring you and your staff log out of systems and lock computers when they are not in use
• Making sure your computers and other devices have up-to-date security and anti-virus software.
Protect your AUSkey
Your AUSkey acts as a second layer of protection on top of your username and password. This is to ensure only authorised people can access your accounts.
• Don’t share AUSkey access. Tailor each person’s access to his or her role.
• If using your AUSkey on more than one device, consider storing it on a secure USB stick with a password.
• Review AUSkey access rights on a regular basis.
• Check for suspicious activity by reviewing who is using your AUSkey (or AUSkeys).
• Control the number of systems and activities that a standard AUSkey can perform.
• Ensure only relevant people have Administrator AUSkey access.