How To Register Your Tax File Number (TFN) - Step By Step Guide

To apply for your TFN, first you have to choose your status from the following list:


 You are holding a foreign passport, permanent visa or temporary visa:


To apply for your TFN, you have to submit your passport or travel document online. The issue time is up to 28 days and your TFN will be posted to the Australian address you provide in your application.


Online application option is only available for Australian permanent visa holders, international students, working visa holders (subclass: 417, 420, 421, and 462), and indefinite residency visa (like New Zealand citizens).


Note: All the applicants of online application method must live in Australia and your passport or travel document will be checked with Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia.


You are an Australian resident:


As an Australian resident, you can apply your TFN either by posting the application form to ATO, or by attending an interview with Australian Post, Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Department of Veteran's Affairs center.



Obviously, taking the proof of identity to these centers is necessary.


  • By Post: This method is used for individuals who cannot attend an interview session or are not the customer of Centrelink and DVA. Consequently, you have to certify your identification documents and post them to the address written in the application form. The application form can be order by contacting 1300 720 092 at any time.


Note: Please note that since the posted documents will not be returned back to you, you should not send your original documents.


You live outside Australia:


Application form for the non-residents for tax purpose can be downloaded here.


If you are a non-resident for tax purposes, you have to apply for TFN if:


  • Your wife is a tax resident who applies for Family Tax Benefit

  • You have to file your tax returns with ATO or apply for your ABN

  • Your income from Australia is not from receiving interest, dividends or royalty.


Note: Payment of Income from interest, dividends or royalty sources is subject to non-residents withholding tax, the rate of which depends on the country the non-resident individual lives.


For any further clarification or assistance for your TFN registration, do not hesitate to contact us.