AUSKEY is a secure login and online connection between businesses and Australian government bodies.

AUSKEY substantially eases the data and information filing with the relevant government organisations including:

In addition, you can use your unique online AUSkey username and password to interact with all the relevant government bodies.


Eligibility to Apply for AUSkey:

For every Australian Business Number (ABN) you can apply for unlimited AUSKEY provided that you are considered as the eligible associate.


The eligible associate is an individual who is registered as director, partner, public officer, office bearer, or trustee of the business in the Australian Business Register (ABR).


Note: AUSKEY application is free and takes a few minutes to apply online.

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Types of AUSKEY:

1.     Administrator AUSKEY:

This user has the full authority and control over all the business confidential information, AUSKEY links, and other AUSKEY users’ management.


Upon the first AUSKEY application, administrator AUSKEY is appointed and is only awarded to one associate.


2.     Standard AUSkey:

With the standard version of AUSKEY, you can manage your login device settings and selections and ask for most of the government services.


The number of associates with standard AUSKEY is unlimited as they are controlled and managed by administrator AUSkey.